The Dawn of Saudi is a mystery about the oppression of women and the
human rights abuse in Saudi Arabia. This is
Homa Pourasgari's second
book which was released June 22, 2009 and can be found at
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The Dawn of Saudi Book Trailer. Pourasgari is a member of
The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society
Although this is a work of fiction,
the subject matter is not. In the

Women have no rights and are
considered the property of a
Foreigners from third world
countries are often subjected
to horrifying conditions.
Religious freedom is
Set in Saudi Arabia and United States, The Dawn of Saudi
takes the reader from a conservative country with no
freedom to a country that strives to provide equality for
everyone. The book is international and multicultural with
characters from all walks of life and religions working
together as a team to overcome the prejudice created by
powerful people who want to divide and conquer the world
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The Dawn of Saudi                 
Read an Excerpt
In Search for Freedom
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to
justice everywhere…Whatever
affects one directly, affects all
indirectly.” -Martin Luther King Jr.
The Dawn of Saudi
In Search for Freedom